Daily Full Site Backups.

Sleep easy knowing we’ve got a daily backup of your ENTIRE Website.

Technology isn’t perfect. Disaster will happen. Don’t let it phase you.

Starts at only £29/MONTH Per site

Having a website for your business is absolutely crucial, but sometimes it can overwhelm even the best intentioned companies and turn into a graveyard of yesteryear. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we offer a ‘Site Medic’ service on a monthly basis – to ensure your website is always at the top of its game, remains healthy and stays relevant.

Our goal is to ensure you no longer have to dedicate too much time to maintaining your website. We want you to feel like we have your back and best interests at heart [we do!]. Whilst the below items are the main snapshots of what we offer, we’ll treat your website(s) as if they were our own and offer you up optimisation tips, content ideas and anything we find valuable.

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Backups on the Daily [or 12hr / 6hr and 1hr].

You’ll never think you need a full website backup … until you do, but by then, it’s already too late. We don’t just backup your files. We backup your databases and every bit of detail about your website so that if we need to restore, it’ll be a perfect clone.

90-day Storage.

Sometimes the newest version isn’t always the best. That’s why we’ll storage your daily backups for 90 days. Sometimes a problem isn’t apparent until later and you’ll want to restore to two months ago – we have you covered.

Instant Restoration.

Imagine disaster has struck [eek] but you know for sure that your website was functioning perfectly last monday. We can track back through your saved backups and restore your chosen one usually within 15 minutes, sometimes even within 5 minutes!

Require even quicker frequency?

If your website is crucial and you need a reliable backup more often than daily. We can offer you a full site backup every 12hours, 6hours and even every hour! The all-inclusive total prices for these are £35 / £40 and £50, respectively.

The Full Site Backup Process

Reach out with your information.

Get in touch and let us know what site(s) you want to backup. It’s worth noting we currently only offer this service for WordPress sites.

We'll assess & Offer a Quote.

We’ll assess your unique situation and offer you a no-obligation quote that we feel would allow us to fulfil your vision using our services.

Acceptance & Delivery.

Upon acceptance & payment, we’ll set up your backup routine and let you know you are now safeguarded against disaster… and relax.

FAQs & Terms of this Service.

Some important things to be aware of prior to booking this service.

What is the pricing?

If you require our standard daily backup, this will cost £29 per site per month. We find this extremely great value as you’ll have at least 30 backups every single month. If you require backups every 12hours the cost is £35/site/month. If you require every 6hours it’s £40/site/month. If you require every hour it’s £50/site/month.

What are the contract lengths?

We offer this service in 6months, 12months and 24month subscriptions. 

If I need to restore - do I have to pay?

No. If disaster hits, we’ll use your last known good restore point and do that for you free of charge.

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