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Malware Cleaning.

We can help exterminate any gremlins within your system.

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There’s nothing worse than spending months building your ‘perfect’ website [maybe even one you’re doing great business on] only for it to start having issues all of a sudden. In a lot of instances, this is down to Malware – which is essentially a virus that’s infected [and then affected] your website/hosting.

We’ve helped businesses with everything from constant redirects to dodgy websites, adverts embedding themselves on site, excruiatingly long loading times all of a sudden, nasty text messages on screen randomly,being locked out of their accounts … and many more situations. These were all caused by very simple rogue code injections spread via Malware. It’s pretty likely we can save your desparate situation, too!

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The Malware Cleaning Process

Connect & Inform.

Reach out and inform us of the situation you’re currently facing. Why do you suspect you have a malware infection? What are no longer able to do that you used to be able to?

Assessment & Quote.

At this stage we’ll likely collect your login information [for your site and hosting panel] and try to assess the situation. We’ll update our quote if necessary at this stage.

Full System Backup.

Although your system may be infected, it could be merely one bad file. At this stage we’ll back up your entire system to ensure we have a recent snapshot should disaster strike.

Scans & Manual Code Review.

We’ll now start a series of deep scans designed to alert us to any of the big-boy usual suspect malware. We’ll also manual review code in places we know to be code injection hotspots.

Experience & Tools.

If your issue(s) still persist, we’ll now use our experience and some high-tech tools to go deep on your site, ftp, hosting panel, certificates and more, to find the root of the issue.

Completion & Report.

We’ll now have completed our tests and hopefully resolved your issue. If It arose from specific user action, we’ll advise you, as to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

FAQs & Terms of this Service.

Some important things to be aware of prior to booking this service.

What is the turnaround time for this service?

It’s incredibly tricky to try and predict times for this service as there can be multiple malware issues [that appear to look like one]. In addition, there often can be a waiting period post-clean to check for recreation of the issue. We’ll likely be able to give you an approximate idea of turnaround once we’ve assessed your situation.

What is the pricing?

The pricing for this service is £99 per website [all additional websites are £69 per website]. We do a stringent list of checks that makes this job very costly in regards to time.

Do you guarantee to remove the malware?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to remove all Malware forever. This is because Malware can be programmed to lay dormant for days, months or even years and as such, what appears ‘fixed’ to us could rear its head way on down the line. It’s the nature of the infection. However, we’ll do absolutely everything on our stringent list to ensure you’re virus free when we’re done – even if we have to restore your entire cPanel

What happens if the Malware shows up again?

If you’ve paid for our full Malware removal service and it re-appears within six months – we’ll attempt to remove your issue(s) again but this time for half the price – £49.

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