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Below are just some of the ways we’ll work to help you achieve maximum speed from your WordPress installation. Every installation has variables that need to be accounted for to achieve blazing speeds. We’ll only take on SpeedBoosts in which a noticeable speed jump is more than possible. If we don’t think we can help you … we won’t take your pennies!

Statistics show that the main reason for a visitor bouncing from your website is having to wait for page loads. You may notice that a one-fast website is suddenly slow. You may notice that only certain pages cause loading issues. We can help diagnose and correct every area of WordPress that causes loading issues. Let’s bring your site back to optimum speed!

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Caching Implementation

Depending on your budget, we can implement basic or professional caching solutions both within your WordPress dashboard and within your dedicated hosting account.

Plugin Audit

We’ll check every plugin within your WordPress and ensure everything is working well. We’ll look for things such as code conflicts, optimisation, theme conflicts, code quality, etc.

Hosting Account Tune-up

Whether you’re hosting with us or not, we know a lot of tweaks to implement across all hosting formats to ensure WordPress has the maximum possibility of achieving super speed.

Media Optimization

It’s vitally important that WP owners are aware of the effect media has on speed. We’ll optimize your images in one fell swoop and ensure all future uploads are automatically optimized.

Database Decluttering

Your database is what holds your entire WordPress installation together. Over time it can get loaded with old plugin info and junk. We can clear this and bring your database back to new.

CDN Introduction

We can set up your website to use a CDN [Content Delivery Network] to ensure that your users are seeing your content from a server nearest to them, resulting in blazing fast load times.

The SpeedBoost Process

Reach out with your information.

Get in touch with as much detail about your speed issue(s) as possible. Please include login information for both your WP installation & Hosting account.

We'll assess & Offer a Quote.

We’ll spend around 15-minutes looking through your setup to find flaws. Based upon our findings, we’ll then offer you a completely custom quotation.

Acceptance & Delivery.

Upon acceptance & payment, we’ll add your job to our queue, apply all our technical methods & usually have your issues resolved within 5 working days.

FAQs & Terms of this Service.

Some important things to be aware of prior to booking this service.

What is the turnaround time for this service?

We can only give an estimate of turnaround time after we’ve been made aware of your speed issues and had a chance to at least gloss-over both your WordPress and Hosting account statuses. Average turnaround times are anything between two working days and five depending on the complexity of the issue.

What is the pricing?

Like the above answer, we simply cannot be specific with this question as every installation/hosting package is different and therefore will require majorly different time and effort. As a ball-park figure, our prices start from £149. We offer an all-in service for £199.

When should I NOT hire you for a SpeedBoost?

If, for some reason, you’re intent on sticking with an ancient version of PHP [5.2 or so] alongside an ancient version of WP – It’s unlikely you’ll notice a dazzling upgrade in speed. We appreciate people are stuck on old hosting configurations … that’s why you should switch everything over to SugarWires!

Will I need to have a SpeedBoost ever again?

Not unless you drastically change your website [theme & plugins]. All of the changes we make will remain until you or somebody else changes them. The only thing to remember is that WordPress is constantly evolving framework and we have no personal control on that.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital service that requires a lot of time and energy to complete, we do not offer refunds on this service. 99% of websites we’ve been hired to ‘speed up’ have noticed a massive change.

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