Welcome to the new SugarWires Site!

Welcome to the New SugarWires Site!

21 March 2019

You made it!
A very warm welcome to the brand new SugarWires website for 2019.
Although we’ve been operational behind the scenes for around six months already at this stage, we have been an invite-only web hosting company [probably the first one ever, right?]. Now our doors are fully open and strangers can sign up for an ace domain and hosting package today without any special invitation code needed. That’s both exciting and terrifying for us – exactly as it should be! 

The origins of SugarWires actually start from within our parent company, HeartFuse. You see, a long while ago, as HeartFuse was building websites for a lot of different clients, we used to refer these clients to a handful of reputable web hosting companies. After the first couple of hundred or so went by, we began thinking of starting our own hosting company because we knew the processes inside out [often acting as middlemen between clients and their hosting companies as they were having squabbles] and we would obviously rather have our clients bank fully with us so that we have full-control over all their accounts and be in the best position to help them resolve issues – as we have all the keys and wouldn’t have to rely on the assistance of other companies. It’s been quite a while since those early ‘we should start a hosting company!’ thoughts, but here we are!

Like a lot of other webhosting companies, we offer the ability to purchase domains, secure hosting and even buy some add-ons to help you get started. Something that instantly separates from the rest is the fact that we also offer a team of very skilled web designers/developers who are able to put your new domain, hosting and add-ons right into service. You can see examples of our design work here. It’s important to note that whilst the design credit on the footer of each of these websites will state ‘Assembled by GlitterSignal’ – GS is a company, like ourselves, that fall under the Creative Media Network of HeartFuse. In short, the GlitterSignal design team and the SugarWires design team are exactly the same..

We’re super excited to have gotten this far and launched our website today. Thanks for giving it a look!
Oh, and please be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or bugs.