Need a one-off service for your website?

We offer a number of one-off services to Website Owners.

Below is a small snapshot of the services we currently offer. These are all offered to everyone, whether you’re hosted with us or elsewhere. Need help in something you don’t see listed? Reach out to us!

We take the stress out of moving your site(s) to us by migrating your primary domain for free. Additional migrations are available at a very reasonable cost.


Slow site? It can be 100 different things. We’ll analyze every area of your website and implement and suggest improvements to find optimum speed.

Malware Clean

It only takes one rogue plugin or line of code to cause absolute havoc for your site. We can diagnose, repair and restore your website(s).

SEO Services

Having the greatest site on earth counts for nada if it’s never seen, we can help you increase your website visibility in many ways.

Professional Email

It’s not professional to send business emails from an @Gmail account. We can create addresses for you.

Site Medic [Retainer]

Require someone to look after your website (updates, fixes, content, etc) on an ongoing basis? We’re able to hire on a retainer.

Daily full-site backup

Even if you have your hosting services elsewhere, we can backup your entire website [all files] on the daily – ensuring you’ll never lose your data.

Site Consultation & Edits

If you’re on a budget and want to merely accentuate your existing site instead of building a new one; we can help give your site a great facelift.

Ecommerce Integration

Have a site but want to inject a commerce element to it? We can build commerce into your WordPress site – no third party fees ever again.

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