Media Kit

Ways to use our branding properly.

We advise you to follow these:

  • When speaking about us in plain text, please observe the dual-word capitalization pattern; SugarWires.

  • Use these graphics when mentioning our company or brand in the likes of articles or press.

  • Use these graphics to add us as your web hosting provider on your site or portfolio.

  • Please make sure you upload the necessary logo size so that it appears clear and not pixelated at every size.

  • Use these graphics to link to our site / credit us.

We advise you to not to do these:

  • Do not change the colour of our logos to anything other than #2E2E2E [Dark] or #F3F3F3 [Light] – alongside #BC4646 [Primary].

  • Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement or false association with our company.

  • Use these graphics to brand your own other digital media form.

  • Use any other non provided information in our site without proper permit

  • Do not overlap or blend it over any imagery, The use case must be clearly visible.

Main Colour: #BC4646
Dark ColouR: #2E2E2E
Icon Logo – Dark

.PNG Version

Icon Logo – Light

.PNG Version

Typeface Logo – Dark

.PNG Version

Typeface Logo – Light

.PNG Version

Download All Media as .zip