Site Medic

A professional retaining service to keep your website fit and healthy.

Why worry about your website when you can hire us to do that for you?

Starts at only £49/ MONTH/ Per site

Having a website for your business is absolutely crucial, but sometimes it can overwhelm even the best intentioned companies and turn into a graveyard of yesteryear. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we offer a ‘Site Medic’ service on a monthly basis – to ensure your website is always at the top of its game, remains healthy and stays relevant.

Our goal is to ensure you no longer have to dedicate too much time to maintaining your website. We want you to feel like we have your back and best interests at heart [we do!]. Whilst the below items are the main snapshots of what we offer, we’ll treat your website(s) as if they were our own and offer you up optimisation tips, content ideas and anything we find valuable.

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Site updates + Plugin updates.

We try and ensure folks avoid using ‘automatically update’ on anything WordPress related. One incompatible update and your entire site could very well go down. We ensure smooth transition to the latest & greatest so you’ll never worry.

Support Network.

Whilst you have us on retainer as your dedicated site medic team, you’ll be able to contact us to ask for help with your website / advice for new content & promotional strategies .. in fact, you’re free to ask us anything you want!

1-hour of Content updates / month.

Included in our standard price is one-hour every month where we’ll update your site content [photos / copy text / media assets / menu / promotions / products] and so on. You can always purchase extra hours at a discounted price.

6-month / 12-month & 24-month  contracts.

We offer this service in the above terms only [at the minute]. We feel like a few months is not enough time for you to truly gauge the value we’ll bring to your website(s). We offer a discount for those that elect to choose the 24-month contract with us.

The SEO Process

Reach out with your information.

Get in touch and let us know why you feel you need this service, if you’ve ever had such a thing before and what you expect from us.

We'll assess & Offer a Quote.

We’ll assess your unique situation and offer you a no-obligation quote that we feel would allow us to fulfil your vision using our services.

Acceptance & Delivery.

Upon acceptance & payment, we’ll gather all available login detail from you and confirm the start date of becoming your site medic.

FAQs & Terms of this Service.

Some important things to be aware of prior to booking this service.

What is the pricing?

We offer a few different terms when it comes to this service. You can hire us for 6-months, 12-months or 24-months. Our entry level tier is £49/month. In addition, if you wanted to add more content update hours a month, they would incur a £10/hour charge on top of that. 

Can i purchase additional content update hours?

Absolutely. We charge £10 per extra content update hour added to your site medic subscription.

What if I don't need you one month, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. You’ll be hiring us as a retaining service. This means we make time for you each and every month. There will be months when we invest 2x the usual time into your website [due to a theme issue, speed issue etc] and months when you only need us part of the time. We feel in the end it evens itself out.

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